Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis Vaccine Statements

More commonly known as the DTP vaccine, this combination of agents was desing to immunize protection a person against infection that are caused by the bacteria. Diphteria is an infection in which symptoms are mild to severe and barking cough and block of airway are to be expected. Tetanus is also known as the lockjaw infection as spams begin in the jaw area and thy expand to the whole body, sometimes breaking bones. Pertussis is highly contagious, symptoms begin as an ordinary cold butt then develops to coughing fits that may cause vomit and broken ribs.

Thanks to diphtheria tetanus pertussis these diseases are not common  as it prevents these diseases from happening and most children, the group that is more exposed to these diseases, are protected during all their childhood. All these diseases may cause brain, heart and nerve damages. Additional immunization is requiring for 10 years old children and adults who have already vaccinated as children by supervision and recommendation of a doctor.

Side effects with Tdap vaccine are rare and they have proven to be eliminating life threatening diseases. If you do not know if your child got this vaccine ask your doctor about the vaccine schedule for infants to see if more doses are necessary.